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The Long Wait

The frigid cold, deafening silence and loneliness sets in after New Years. January, February, March, April and most of May, close to 150 days, before this sad-looking rope swing gets any use.

Uggh, it’s a long wait!

Thought for the Day: The only security of all is in the free press.
Thomas Jefferson


We were in the Serengeti of Northern Tanzania. The drums beat loudly, the women chanted and danced, and the men jumped like pogo sticks. One or two at a time launched themselves skyward and landed flatfooted as hard as they can. The vertical leap is astonishing and the landing is dramatic, like they’re trying to make it loud and powerful.

This semi-circle of fierce looking Maasai tribesmen is what greeted our safari party outside their enclosed compound. Rather intimidating … and, we were outnumbered. Later, they draped us in their blankets, invited us to join in the dancing, and led us into their compound — even welcomed us inside their homes.

Boy, those guys have the HOPS!

Thought for the Day: There is no Wi-Fi on safari, but you will find a better connection.
Quote from an African travel guide.